Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

This is a whole new year and I will try to be more regular to my readers, new and old, in giving them inspiration for those who are struggling to make it in their lives.
Speaking of struggles, I finished watching an independent movie, Children of Heaven, featuring how a boy lost his sister's shoes and his sister met him after she finished her class in the morning so she could swap her sneakers and wear his shoes. it showed a cooperation and how Iranian families lived from paycheck to paycheck and survived doing odd jobs in the rough Iranian country. The boy goes on to win the 4km race so that he could give her a new pair of shoes. At the end of the movie, the boy dips his feet into a pond where the goldfish swarm around his feet and clean up the sores that he gathered along the way in the race.

In a way, this movie has a parallel in our lives. Many times, we lack something of necessity, yet when push comes to shove, we must all reach out and cooperate in one way or another. To make the lives of others much better than when we found them. To make a daily improvement in some way. Like the way I feel after my maids have been at my place for their hour cleaning up and organizing my life. So that I have a better place to stand at the end of my days.

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