Sunday, January 27, 2008

All From the Heart

I went to the annual Cabaret and Auction for the Kennedy Center-the 2008 version. It was a lively time with twenty or so songs from the heart =ranging from spanish songs and songs of longing of the hearts of lovers for one another. a song of anguish and hope over a mother who lost her 7 year old son tragically . The song expressed emotions from her heart of wanting time to stand still-yet also allowing her to realize that she had eternity to cross over to finally meet up with her son again.
Another good song in the tradition of country music was that of Jesus taking the wheel of our lives. Of letting him in on our life.
These expressions raise hope that the heart is fully beating within the Kennedy Center as the staff deals with the issues of the clients within the agency,

As I mingled through the crowds and chatted with the attendees at the table, they wondered about my connection to the Kennedy Center of whether i was a client or not. At times, I feel that I would fit in well to the mold of the client in being told what to do and when to do it. Yet, I am glad that I have the freedom to go about my everyday life on my own with only the occasional assistance of a friend to take me to and from my church. I am glad that I get the opportunities at these functions to breathe some cash and hope into their hands so that their mission continues forward so that the clients have opportunities to serve the community and live better lives for themselves.
And to have had the chance to benefit from various agencies in the past similar to the mission of the Kennedy Center itself.

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