Friday, January 18, 2008

The Language of the Heart

Awakening from a long slow slumber and to crawl out of the spot of a rest-yet also a sense of restlessness. This is how I sometimes feel. Walking from one spot of the house to another. Looking down and out and not knowing fully how to proceed. Walking over the elephant in an awkward dance. That is not to say that I have not been trained how to live well. I was shown diligently how to do the chores and had weekly practice clearing and setting tables and washing up after dinner.

Which brings me to my point that I struggle to cope and make myself comfortable in this world. I know that I am handicapped, yet what I have not done is to rise above my handicap so I can soar above my problems and to look at them from God's perspective. There are small challenges that I need to meet such as maintaining a sense of order in my life, challenging and using my brain and stretching it to grow in foreign areas that I have not allowed it to walk in quite some time. And being honest with others of the goliaths that I face on a daily basis. And to be fully human and embrace each moment in my life so others can see a fuller picture of God. And I need to see a fuller picture of God as well to move out and make an impact for Him.

So, I challenge myself and the readers to face the giants in their lives and make the world a much stronger place as the results of our struggles. Fight on for this is our one life to live. Impacts and puddle bursts can only occur when our feet hit the pavement.


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