Saturday, January 05, 2008

The distant role of Wisdom

Imagine a prominent leader of a great nation called to a summit. To a place with no access to wifi or blackberries, the internet or even a cafe or a place with no towers for cell phones to reach. This leader is taken up to a big mountain to have a mountain top experience. Yet, his followers feel stranded. He has led them through a tough terrain. Yet, they are told to wait. His brother had been given the task to watch over them. To make sure that they did not lose their faith.

That indeed did happen many years ago at Mount Sinai where Moses was called up by God onto a mountain to meet with God in conference call and write down on tablets of stone what is now known as the 10 commandments made famous in motion pictures by Charleton Heston.
The issue of the 10 commandments is seen clearly in scripture through Proverbs 3:1 that states, "My son, forgot not my law, and let thy heart keep my commandments." The role of the seeking of wisdom and discernment is that of a relationship between God and His people. Just like it was entrusted between God the Father and His son, Jesus, to that of Jesus and the disciples and to that of The Holy Spirit and Jesus's followers as well.
So even if wisdom seems somewhat distant, it is indeed just as close as the utterance of a prayer.

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