Sunday, January 20, 2008

New York giants won!!!!

In the last 5 weekends, I believe I am 4-1 in watching some portion of a game. It is a record for me. Normally, I just read about the game. But the games this season ending and playoffs have been exciting match-ups and very close games to watch.
I enjoy watching the ball spiraling through the air. I do not understand the positions and strategies that the teams use; yet, I enjoy watching the two teams in a game struggle to make it a close game down the stretch or close in a win from an insurmountable deficit.
So, I am glad for the outcome for the interception which occurred against the Packers just as the Giants forced an interception against the Çowboys. So, New England, better be aware of New York.

Yet, as I look out at what I just watched over the last five weeks and wrote about, the game of football or any sports game is a lot like life. It has its ups and downs;yet, it requires a team approach. Just like when I was born, I was pronounced 3rd and 25 and doctors discounted that I could take the "ball" down the field and make anything of the game of life. I am glad that my mom and dad saw through the prediction from the doctors and took the chance and ran some plays through puzzles and therapy to bring me into a daily battle of the workforce and educational institutions.
I have thrown interceptions in my life in how I have related to my friends, coworkers and family. Yet, I have learned from each wrong toss and have come out as a stronger individual. So, Keep on with the struggle with a good approach to the outcomes. With a positive attitude. It is in the playing of life that we gain our gatorade moments in the spot light or our times with our heads in the towels.

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