Sunday, December 16, 2007

the occasional snow.

Today we had the occasional snowflake that fell in front of the hexagonal floor to ceiling windows of our sanctuary this morning. We had mostly ice and rain today. Not as much snow as was predicted which at least did not affect the christmas program for the evening.
Last night at our christmas concert, some attendees went in prior to when the doors were officially opened. They pre-boarded ahead of time. And we allowed them in even without their reservation ticket. But hopefully as with all church events, people found the real meaning of the season of the birth of the babe in the manger and that they realized the reality of Christ having paid for their sins. Hopefully, the right reservation agents were there to explain the Gospel well enough to those who sought Him that night. ├ůs in Noah's day, when the boat doors closed, people were out of luck with the flood. And the same holds true when people have to face God and he asks them, "What did you do with my son, Jesus."

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