Tuesday, January 22, 2008

a little too much

Tendencies to desire to gather are strong for me. When confronted by great deals of buy one get two free or half off and no shipping and $15 off for CDS , I am mesmerized of how to obtain it for hours neglecting other far important chores. So Help me God to stay focused and not give into the momentary and fleeting obsessions. thanks for the strength tonight to not give in. Help me to practice the self discipline to be better in my life.

On a more spiritual plane, Jesus did not have to contend with a barrage of emails or blogs but dealt directly with people. He spent his time wisely going from one person to the next in that he focused on the eternal. I can get bogged down in adding to the shopping cart in my life and totally lose the focus on what really matters. I am trying to caulk a crack in the soul by stuff and I refuse to yield the time to you, Lord, and let you apply the caulk correctly. Otherwise, it may require a more radical adjustment. Thanks for slowly teaching me the lesson.

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