Friday, January 11, 2008

Understanding the Mind and Heart and Will

Within each one of us is a mind, heart , and will. For us to understand and uncover what God is worth is to look at those elements. Lord, it is not easy to understand the depths of the heart that you have placed within me. You tell me in scripture that you will search my heart. You will send out your beacon of light into the unknown and will uncover the hidden parts of me that do not know you. Help me , Lord, to reflect more of your love as I reach out and see others, whether on the bus, or at Panera Bread or even at work or within one of my writing circles. I love participating in my writing. I rested back on something that I really enjoyed that I created. Yet, Lord, I need to keep creating. To share and give birth to new poems daily so that they can be shared with a world that is desperate for some light and hope.
The heart is at the center of this equation and sort of acts like a cop on the street or a referee in a game.

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