Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Warm Wishes

The phrase, warm hands, warm hearts keep ringing through my mind.
I read a piece from Richard Foster's book which talked about the discipline of meditation. He mentioned how we receive from the Lord when our hands are open palm facing up to Him and we are in act of submission to Him. When we place our hands down, we are surrendering our lives to Him.

At an inspirational workshop for the unemployed this morning, the presenter gave us each a stone. The stone had beautiful flaws on it. We were to take the stone and hold it in our hands and breathe in and out 10 times while we looked at the stone. This stone reflects how we are to be in the moment and not let the cares and worries of the world to take over us.

This stone remembered on which I received as a neighboring church was planning their expansion with the theme that now we are going to do even greater things than which Jesus had done.

I love stones. When I was a teenager and my cousins, Bruce and Carol, accompanied me to one of the beaches on Pratt's Island in Maine, we skipped stones across the water's edge. As the stones flotsammed through the water, ripples echoed out from each skip. Sometimes the stone sank right to the bottom but we kept flicking our wrists and some made a merry journey across the surface and made moments of magic and music before us.

Plunk, plunk, plunk.

So, let the warmth of our hearts be developed. Let us focus. Let us draw from the Lord. For He is the hearth of our very lives.

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