Monday, January 17, 2011

the ebb and flow of our lives

When I think to today being Martin Luther King's Birthday, there is so much that the world has missed without him being in the world. Yet, the world has been inspired to receive so much from the contributions and challenges that he has given the world.

I look at his life as within a poem.
May grace flow and ebb deeply in your pores.
May that never ending flow..
not stop with your love of life
of connection
a love that carried on beyond April 4, 1968 when man tried to silence your voice.
It lives on in the lives of other gentle giants,
The Maya Angelou of the world
taking on the bravery to open her soul to the world.
to echo great and deafening words to a dark night of our land,
an ebbing land

To shine forth a bright light
to redeem
to a land flowing
with potential
a depth to be imagined and redeemed

through a deep and sustaining love of country.

Martin Luther King,
Thank you for your dream.
You delivered it well
It was received
not returned to sender.
Carried forth and marched on
In the ebb and flow of our lives.

Happy Birthday MLK!!!!!
Let us remember one man or woman can make a difference.
I have a dream....

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Amrita said...

I second that. Thank you Martin Luthe r King - the whole human race is your debtor