Monday, January 03, 2011

I am the Man in the moon!!!!

A friend of mine was kind enough to say these words about me. She said that I am God's perfect light. She said that I have remained positive and forgiving. And that I overcame and endured so many things.
When I look at the words, "I am God's perfect light" , at first I think no way. But then as I reflect on those words further, I see that I reflect Jesus in the way I live.
Even back then when I did not have the spirit of Him residing in me I still had his qualities evident in my life.

When I think of the moon in the sky, it does many things. It helps the flow of the waters on the earth. I also see the moon as a way to take the light beaming from the sun and shine up the moon's dark surface. When looking at the moon through a telescope, a lot of dings exist on its surface.
My life is the same way. I have a lot of crevices in the english muffin that just potch up the surface of the muffin, but it provides many places for the butter to ooze in and well up and create just the right taste when I bite into one of them.

I thank you Jesus that you are in me and you shine through me. Potholes and all. You shine through my flaws and make it evident that I am your disciple. Even when I run far in the other direction.
Thanks for letting my friends show to me that I reflect your perfect light. For you never fail to shine upon me.

Thanks Carlene for pointing that out in me!!!!
World, be blessed always!!!


Amrita said...

You are the light of the world - a city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Praise God you are not hiding your light under a bushel.

Happy New Year you .

Christine said...

What a beautiful reflection on being, well -- a reflection! You make a great a point using the moon as an example - it has no light of its own and yet the moon has lit my path many times. Thanks for sharing.