Thursday, January 13, 2011

In the Snowy Tower!!!

Today is a true snow day. It is hard to get out since the buses are erratic and the street is full of snow. We got almost a foot of it over the evening. I won't be walking down the hill to the career center for my job club today.

Yet, it is beautiful outside. The snow is resting on the air conditioner in a round mound, crystalized and the snow is sitting at my other bedroom window. Flakes piled upon each other. Awaiting some kind of show to begin. What can i offer this awaiting audience. My life is in many acts. But as the saying goes, I don;t have it fully together yet. I am still in dress rehearsal. I need to have it well oiled. I don't want to make too many mistakes.

Yet, God, the best parts in life are when mistakes get made and we can indeed laugh at them. Even at our own expense.
Lord, I have no clue of where to proceed when I do get released from the snowy tower. The gates seem to be closed of the evident opportunities that I have scratched for the past 28 weeks. It seems like an itch that won't get much relief. Yet, Lord, I do feel the soothing balm of your grace.

And just as the citizens and government will be digging us out so we can stand on some solid ground, I made a commitment with cold hard cash to study your Word this year by enrolling in the New England School of Theology. I have the books and the assignment. Lord, help me to crack open the Word and dig into it. So I too can be on solid ground once I shovel some of the dross that has built up around my life. I do want to be one of the finishers of your great race of life.

The world is indeed quiet with the exception of the howl of the wind or some barking dog. The snow seems to have stopped. Now the clean up by others will begin.

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