Saturday, January 29, 2011

Can I have a slice of Life!!!

Walking up to the pizza shop.
To the pie store.

My oh my. Life does have its many choices
of which toppings to put onto the pie
and which pie to buy.

Life seems like such a big pie right now.
I am faced with the decision of where to work and how to allocate the time between searching for elusive work or trying to find the time to learn and understand the meaning and method of how to understand the Holy Scriptures. But I really do enjoy this aspect of studying the Scriptures. For I had the opportunity to open up and review the first chapter of Nehemiah at the gym while I was waiting for a new friend to finish her workout.

As I have been examining this concept of interpretation , I have finally realized that God is definitely a genius in how He put together and inspired the Scriptures to be placed in the language of our time which has survived through many centuries of war, persecutions, weather, political upheavals. His word is a constant in our world and life. And to open up the puzzle box and move around the pieces to make the whole.

I only wish that I could easily divide all the tasks that I have to do in 24 hours a day in a way that I can get it all done.
Inefficiency drains some of my time but I am slowly working on that. Trying to find the space to fit the stuff into my life and the time to write down the thoughts that go racing through my mind , "quiet at rest.."

But God seems to know how to stuff the pies into the boxes and to make them as well. For the making of the boxes proved quite a challenge to me at thanksgiving as I tried to staple the edges of the pie boxes to keep them from falling apart. And to somehow stack them up so that they don't fall over.

So at least I know not to work in a pie shop or pizzeria. Or in the circus where I would have to juggle many things at once.

Even though I probably will end up there, at least I know the final destination will be orderly and beautiful. For now I just have to keep stapling and keeping up the best I can.

And please hold the anchovies and load the pie with lots of onion and green peppers. Steaming hot and not to go!!!
Pass the cheese and pour plenty of iced tea. And a side salad with croutons of opportunity as well.

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