Thursday, January 20, 2011

de clomping!!

Tomorrow, we get to continue to break the record for the snow falling in the Northeast. We already got 31.5 inches , approximately four times the average snowfall through this point in January.

I love the opportunity for the optional outings that I get to stay inside. Rather nifty.
For I don't have to clomp in foot deep snowdrifts that are to my knees.
I can actually de-clomp!!!!
It is great to have that freedom, not one of those found in Norman Rockwell's paintings of the Four freedoms or of the freedoms that are guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States of America.
But still good to have a freedom of choice.
The opportunity to look out the window at dry ground and smile at life!!!

Lord give me an opportunity again to have to clomp and be joyful about it. I like being in my nest
nestled six stories up in the sky.
Not affected by the howling winds
but only by hearing the wind itself and being inspired by it.

I did clomp some this week and enjoyed it but will probably hibernate until Saturday when I go to the diner and to NEST to learn more of you, Lord, and your self-appointed authors of the Scriptures who have portrayed you in a very loving way
of your being a mighty conqueror and also a very loving person
kneeling before children
asking them to follow you.

Let me be like that , Lord, as I watch your ticket tape parade pass by my bedroom window tomorrow.

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Amrita said...

Sounds loke a snow floos to ,e. Please remain de-clomped LOL