Friday, January 14, 2011

Mother Nature needs a time out

Mother nature badly needs a time out!!!
We have been dumped with an awful lot of snow. I could not go out into public today for the buses were not running on a normal schedule and the streets were still being plowed.
Only problem is where do we put Mother Nature for her time out. She is everywhere. She only does what she has been programmed to do=release the clouds of moisture and the temperature determines what is going to fall out of the sacs of white that are above us.

Almost like the confetti at the end of the circus that lands on the circus floor.


Amrita said...

Mother Nature like having fun at the circus ha-ha!

Duane Scott said...

God loves to play with His creation. :)

Scott R. Davis said...

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Thanks again for visiting.

Amrita said...

Hi Duane, I have been following your blog since quite sometime an d I really don 't remember how I got to it.

Personally i found that the more I visited and commented on other blogs , t h e better response i got . The best way to market your blog is visit others, leave a comment, invite them, follow them, build a kind of relationship with like minded bloggers, you can also join a blog ring , like Christian bloggers etc.

Enter blog titles an d phrase s in your post s which might appear on google search etc.

Micheal Hyatt the COE of Thomas Nelson Pubishers has good tips on blog improvement I have his links on a recent post of mine.

I 've been blogging since 4 years, it takes time to develop your readership. For me its a relationship.

I like your posts, they come from the heart.

Amrita said...

Sorry my commen t was addressed to Scott, go t the wrong name