Monday, March 17, 2008


all the way from Genesis to James and Revelation, the scriptures warn against temptation. It may feel like a relief from whatever one experiences. Looking back at times of temptation brought me to a verse from Genesis in which God looked at what He created and remarked about man, "now that is very good" I applied that to my particular temptation which I thought was fairly cool but it did not satisfy and was not very good. So, a good analogy I draw from this is that I need to respect how God created me and focus more on Him and less on me which is very hard for me to do since I like to see life fully mapped out with all the pieces along the way. I do not like surprises.

In James, it compares the tongue to a fire. A very small part of the body that can consume the parts of the world that it touches. Other small insignificant parts of the body can have a strong effect on ourselves and can consume our waking thoughts and essences of our lives.

So in faith, I am bringing the issues on my back side of my blog to the front so I may bless the community I have been blessing anyway so that I can become more of what Christ intends me to be.

And several times this morning the verse which states we all must give an account for how we have lived at the judgement seat of Christ for believers. For every careless and worthless deed. Yikes. I hope to be in the 12 items or less line. I don't want to hold others up for their rewards. But thank you Lord that you already redeemed me and I am in your thank you line. Let me live in a way worthy of my calling.

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