Thursday, March 06, 2008

Selling the banana plant

I read in today's Connecticut Post, that the banana plant in Bridgeport, CT is being sold. When I shared that with Linda, my Milford transit driver, she said, a banana plant. I did not realize the subtle different meaning of a growing plant. Yet, the Cilco terminal that helps unload the bananas from the South is now going to close and leave Bridgeport. And our participation within the tropical world will cease to exist. Due to declining economic conditions. Let us hope a bigger and stronger plant will soon take its place within the great city of ours.

The circumstances can always change for the better for anything. I finished watching the faith based movie, One night With the King. The old time story of Queen Esther and how she saves the Jewish people from slaughter. All the while having faith going against odds that she could get killed in the process. The movie shows how people have strong faith not to resist or bow down to evil, but only to bow down to the King of Kings. It showed great courage on Esther's part and how she treasured David's battle with Goliath. There was a quote in the movie that went something like this, "To win a battle, it is not about performance but in believing well." Thus going against our giants when we can not face them alone. We have God before us.

And the same can be said for the city of Bridgeport, That it will rise above its sleeping state when the right people will step forth to make the needed changes. Just as Queen Esther did in the movie and got to rule within her dad's family and heritage where now Purim will now have new meaning when I see it on the calendar from now on.

Glory to be to God for those brave enough to stand up to Him at all costs. And especially as Good friday is approaching two weeks from now as well.

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