Friday, March 28, 2008

The Pulse

The pulse fades and then pumps fresh blood throughout. Life comes at us in waves and the life that we live has moments where the impulses that come at us are quite strong and very difficult to control.

Kaboom. Kaboom. The sound heard from within the internal walls of the heart. Also heard from within the internal walls of our soul. Sometimes not knowing exactly what to do when we are within a spot of ourselves. A spot that is very comfortable and comforting at times. But not within the transplanted heartbeat of the Lord Jesus who is deep seated within our very being.

Help us to keep within your rythym, within your ryrhymn of life.

Crescendos building up to a rhythmn and crashing in unto itself. gently washing away from the hard rock that is being etched away with time.

1 comment:

pERiWinKle said...

we just have to learn how to keep the beat with the rythm of our hearts?!

This is beautifully written...xx