Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our Easter Pilgrimage

To we Pilgrims who travel afar from our land of Nod, our land of sin that may seem overwhelming at times, to the land of Golgotha where on a hill, God has accepted our lives through His son, Jesus.

From various videos and dramatizations that I have seen over the years, I reflect on how God has covered our sins so well. the Psalmist states that God has removed our sin as far from the East to the West. Leaving a shadow of His presence behind and before us just as it was portrayed in the famous Footsteps poem.

Let us remember therefore as Hebrews states, to throw off all that hinders us from the journey of faith and to run the race with the goal of the heavenly crowns in mind. Given not because of how talented we are but because of the great love that the Father has lavished upon us.

We are victors in Christ. So look to the Hills of Zion and see the Lord mighty in our battles as well.

Praise be to God.

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