Friday, March 21, 2008

Look up!!!

God is all powerful and all strong. He came from His throne in heaven to be with us men and women on earth for 33 years. A small number of years. Some could say that He was struck down before His prime.
God knows a lot. Yet, experientially, He never experienced humanity until His spacesuit arrived through the virgin conception 27 weeks before Christmas. Yet Jesus handled the battle of humanity and Godliness of being 100 percent of each. I desire to have that blend. Yet, I ooze too much of myself in the process.

I am going to tell a personal parable re temptation. Some rocks came tumbling down around me today. I was still and calm and had the usual encounter with the devil. When my mind and spirit had been " shut off so to speak." I was reminded of the encounter Jesus had with the devil before His ministry began. One of the tests the devil presented to Jesus was the full command of the world offered before Him. Yet Jesus said, scripture says.
I am offered tempting realms sometimes and right now, the close physical intimacy that I crave has not been offered to me through another person yet. I know God's standard and am toeing one part of the line to the tee. Yet, the pull from the tides of desire is too strong. I can not fully reign them in. Just as the moon and the earth are counterpart magnets, the Holy Spirit is supposed to be my counterpart magnet as well. I just need to LOOK UP and see Christ walking alongside me on the beach. Offering the intimacy I desire in the flesh while being engaged to Him for the wedding supper in Heaven. Yet this rehearsal dinner of life seems to be taking so long between courses.

Yet, God you made the menu and the feast will be stupendous-beyond compare. let me just look up and sense what you are doing around me. May these words bless others as I make the strides to be like Him.

And splash with others along the way in holy huddles of humor and endurance while awaiting for the Messiah to appear today in my life.

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The Oho Report said...

Your male honesty hits home.