Thursday, March 13, 2008

between the sinews and marrow

a phrase that i like is between the sinews and the marrrow. That is where much of Christianity takes root. In the very recesses of our crevices in our brain, in our guts where we often have to make gut-wrenching decisions. Not an easy place to navigate but Jesus did that as he bounced between Pilate and Herod as to exactly what would happen to Him on Good Friday. So whenever any of you readers feel like you are bouncing off the walls, Jesus has already shown the way of how to do it. May the Glory be to God.


christianne said...

good thoughts, scott. i've never run across that phrase before, but i like it too. very poetic, but also raw. i see you are pointing our thoughts toward the passion during this lenten season.

Scott R. Davis said...

thanks for the comment, christianne. yes, I guess I am pointing disciples to Jesus. Which is good. And I love words. so combinations pop into my head now and then and won't leave. My mom gave me the love of language since I had to be taught from her and a counselor the way words are formed and even did a phonetic scrapbook of language.
Relationships are like that with sinews running between them. And transplanting marrow is tricky for sometimes it will not take. So, when we accept Christ, that marrow will give more life to our soul. thanks for allowing me to think on this further. may appear on my blog soon. peace, scott