Saturday, February 16, 2008

The word became flesh

In the battle of the flesh that I experience, the Holy Spirit revealed to me about 16 hours later, the notion that God draws near to us as we draw near to Him as it says in the book of James. I know in my heart that I can say no to temptation whenever it rears its ugly head. Yet, I ignore the warnings and proceed in the playground of my imagination. Frolicking in the fun for the moment and letting it carry me high away. Only to be brought to reality by the convictions of the Holy Spirit later on.

In the battle of our souls, there is a yearning to be drawn close to God and others. When we are born, we do not immediately identify with God. We have to be taught and shown who God is and what He looks like. We can not go to the department or grocery store and say I will have a dozen of God. He is not on the shelf. Yet, He lives in the souls of humankind.

A woman on the bus on the way home from work was talking excitedly of the blessedness of being identified with God. One comment struck me as I chatted a little. She said, "you need to embrace the truth of God and He will draw near to you. Be sure to read the word of God and the Word will become part of your very being.

The epiphany of the connection between man and God came as I reflected on the study that three men from our church participated in on Monday night. It focused on the beginning two chapters in the book of Genesis. In it, Moses who is attributed to being the author of the text, states that The Spirit hovered over the waters in the beginning of creation. And going back to the Gospel of John, John states that the Word was with God and the Word became flesh and made our dwelling among us.

All the while, 16 hours earlier, all I could wrap my mind around was the flesh and its desires. Yet, at that epiphany, I saw the bridge linking the eternal word becoming flesh. That the flesh has spiritual significance and that the role that God desired for the flesh was to bring Him Glory when it humbly comes under the authority of God.

In later weeks, in Genesis, we will be looking at the serpent in how it tempts Adam and Eve to be like God. Yet, it was God who created Eve out of Adam's side. So mankind must respond to God and not the serpent-no matter how crafty a deception that the snake can slither into our lives. So praise be to our Revealing God.

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L.L. Barkat said...

Hi, Scott. Thanks for contacting me. Do you have any audio files on-line? It would be great to hear some things you've done.