Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!!!!

Today is a bonus day. An extra day for me to live and enjoy life. We made an extra 6 hours of the earth going around the sun.

I read an agricultural article today about growing seeds. It said one needs loamy soil, sol that is porous and able to absorb nutrients and is somewhat loose. That is where the seeds will not get all full of gook.

The same thing is true of our faith. We need to have the ability to have loamy soil ;that is, to be able to understand and discern the will of God. Which I have not been too good at lately. Since I still have my tendency to go south in my thoughts. If I could only conquer myself of them. Let me be like Jesus who used scripture to combat the devil. I just let the devil come into my ring and play with him and then get stung. I need to invite Jesus into the ring and then work out my salvation with fear and trembling. Glory be to God somehow.

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