Friday, February 08, 2008

Being lifted by the Breeze.

At the hockey game tonight in my city of Bridgeport, our R3 Papercraft company spent a few hours watching the Sound Tigers defeat the Lowell Devils. We had two sides of a hospitality suite and the place was loaded with good food from soda, water, chips, dip, wings, veggies and dip and cake and nachos and cheese. It was a fill up your plate, stuff some face and then time to look at the clock and cheer, "Go Sound Tigers." I just could not get any one in on the action. So our debut at the arena was not able to produce a suite sound, but we all had a good time enjoying ourselves.
Plenty of suits walked around making sure we had a good time and hoped we would be back. Not bad being able to spend the full time in the suite and not having to go down to the ice level. A good birds eye view of the action. Hockey is a little slower than the sport of football, but a faster paced game. But with the 2 intermissions, it probably is the same amount of time as a football game.

And the lifting of the breeze occurred when a gentlemen on the ice controlled a remote-controlled blimp with advertising on it for some home contractor outfit. A different way to get a blimp into the arena. And it was also a night where some Nascar Cars were in the arena. yet, I did not seek them out though.