Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Academy Awards goes Extraterrestrial

Oh, Yes, today is the 80th birthday of the academy awards. a few months younger than my mom. Yet, she was not invited to the show. I guess no 80 year olds were polled or placed in random drawings.

I was in our church service today and heard an excellent message on God's glory from 2Corninthians 3 which used the historical example of Moses being face to face with Jesus receiving the 10 commandments and having a glow about him. Our associate pastor illustrated the idea of glory to marriage. The man stands at the front of the church and eyes are upon him. His music is playing while he stands there. Now the scene shifts and the music changes and the bride walks through the doors and eyes go to the back of the church and the audience stands looking to the bride and to the groom who is reflecting the radiance of the bride.

The above is not my idea. It comes from Don Hay who is our executive pastor at Trinity. It is good to be reminded of this since we are the bride of Christ. When we get to heaven, we are going to going through those gates. The music of suffering and persecution will have changed to that of joyous celebration of the saints that have gone before us. What we will see now is the faces of loved ones who died before we did. OF those who we heard were martyred and we will see at the center of the room on a throne, God, who created us and the world amongst us. And we will see Jesus seated at the right hand of the Father welcoming us home. Giving us big bear hugs. And we will be singing praises to Him. Like we did today in church somewhat, From whom all blessings flow and To God be the Glory.. great things He has done.

We will be able to join in the dancing with those who have gone before, like Sandy Steadwell who died before her prime from cancer and be able to dance many years from now with Joni when she will be free to walk about the cabin of heaven with no problems at all. Yet for her now it is confinement but also openness to God's grace and provision. And for others who struggle it is the same.

And Glory can be seen tonight at the Oscars with all the stars in their tuxes and gowns. Flowing outfits on red carpet and elaborate jewelry and fashion coordinators. All at the Kodak theatre. But nothing will compare when we get to the Heavenly Oscars which will go on for eternity. Where all will get a trophy and crown to cast down to Jesus' feet to say Thanks for all you have done. Let us roll the carpet out and let the Saints go marching IN!!!!! Let the party begin. Sandy, better get the caterers ready. Glory to Him.

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