Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thankful for the blogosphere.

The NASA astronauts are finishing up their 12 day mission in space and are packing up and heading home from the space station after delivery of a new quarters for the astronauts to work on. They got to live and work in space and be in a different environment as well.
We as believers are also in a different environment, one governed by faith. It is in this environment where we have supplies sent up by the Holy Spirit. Our home is being prepared by Jesus and it is our faith that will bring us Home. Just as previous missions built the home for the astronauts in the station, we also will contribute to that mansion as we send presents ahead to Jesus and build into other lives through prayer, reconciliation, encouragement and peace as just a few things. Or if it is puppetry or carpentry, building the kingdom of God has eternal rewards and consequences. So let us enjoy the Mission that we are on in the blogosphere within the atmosphere of life.
Glory be to God.


kirsten said...

amen, & AMEN!

Anonymous said...

Masterfully written; only a true child of God could articulate such thoughts and feelings in such a manner.