Saturday, February 02, 2008

Do you see what I see?

A good movie was recommended to me by a friend and I finally watched it a while after it was suggested to me. It was At First Sight of a man who was born blind and how his world was challenged when a woman in her thirties went on a break at a resort and came away with the experience of being truly loved.

I don't want to give away the plot all at once for those who have never seen it. I did learn though a few lessons from this movie. Our perceptions of ourselves and our lives can be defined by our current disabilities and the flaws that we see within ourselves. There can be a benefit to not seeing something before us and sometimes the senses that we don't use all that often such as touch or even the sixth sense of using our hearts make up for what is not visible yet is very visible to someone who lacks the sense of sight.

Faith has a key element in this in that we do not at the moment see Jesus on two feet walking the Holy Land or walking in the midst of us. Yet, we do see a different reality in our faith. We know that we will someday see Him for who He really is. As the scriptures say, what we once saw dimly will be finally revealed in the latter days. We will indeed see the pierced hands and feet and we will see His Glory.

At that moment when our sixth sense is unveiled, we will be able to clearly connect the cradle to the cross. But for now, we are not to doubt and to be tossed from wave to wave as it says in the book of James but as the book of Hebrews states, we are to fix our eyes upon Jesus who is the author and perfecter of our faith and we are to do so in a way where we do not give up meeting together. So may God have his glory through our adventures in gaining our sixth sense and may we rediscover the senses that we may have neglected. So that we can truly see what Jesus has given us and not just go through the motions of a day.

Taking that risk. For there is no guarantee of tomorrows for all. To take the time to hug and to greet with a full heart like my friend, Gary and to take the time to look at people and see what they are feeling and to develop a better sixth sense in time.

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