Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weather needing a couch

Couches sure come in handy. Mine has been in my living room for over 20 years. The arm is well worn and the inner fibers can be seen well. Once it was rock hard when one sat on it. When my parents visited it, they commented several times that it was firm. We joked of different ways to make the couch soft. it definitely is soft now.

At times when I am on my commute, I wish that the buses would have a nice recliner or sofa cushion that I could lean against. it is very hard to rise early at 6 am and be out before 6:30. So many attempts at reading and writing are not always made. And my daily musings at times lay beside me on the couch. So at least the ideas of others have a soft spot for their tushes. Yet, it makes it a challenge to have real breathing people on the sofas and chairs. Excuses I make which I wish I did not have to do.

Couches are also used for the psychologists who offer help to others. And the weather in the New York Metropolitan area should sit on the couch and get analysis of why it rains in February instead of snowing. I don't complain ; yet, the white snow looks so nice on the ground. So, I won't complain too much otherwise a joint session with the weather gurus might be in order. Yet, how does one sit down the rainmaker on a couch anyway. I don't know what a rainmaker looks like anyway. Yet, I do know what piles look like.

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