Saturday, September 01, 2007

walking through the seasons

Walking through the forest in a summer rain. Feeling the air against my shoulder and against my skin. Making a stride toward the autumn breeze and the cooling of the days. A gloria Deo amongst the fields of changing colors and of the rustle of the leaves underneath. The chill of the evening rain as the water-soaked leaves collapse underfoot and become molded into broken pieces-recognizable as leaves yet wet and broken. The onset of the wind coming off the coast upon the jagged rocks. The snow howling at my face as I seek refuge from its assault upon me. For those glorious days of autumn to return or the warmth of embrace of spring just ahead.
It is amazing how each of these seasons help to reflect the moods that I am in. Words may sound a little bleak which is sometimes how I feel. Yet I also feel hope as I have included words of hope to bring the reader and myself into awareness that the world offers both perspectives=ones of bleakness and ones of brightness. How emotions can be felt through the changing seasons. Yet it is through these seasons that life comes and provides life with a rest of production so that life can begin in earnest in the springtime of Hope Eternal.

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