Saturday, September 22, 2007

I joined the chorus of the crickets

Tonight being on the cusp of autumn and the last day of summer, the crickets were sounding their music before the audience of apartment dwellers. Most probably paying no attention to these critters and some like me paying some attention to their intricate sounds as their feet rub against each other making marvelous muisc for me to enjoy while listening to my praise music on cd and reading Philip Yancey's book on prayer in preparaton for our 8 am sunday discussion group. Who knows where our discussion will take us in the morning, but it should be full of surprises and blessings along the way.

Just being able to type at the keyboard without looking at the keys and to see words come from my mind and listen to music and breathe all at the same time is a modern miracle of life itself. And to realize that life is forming within one of my coworkers as she anticipates the birth in 7 months of her first child. And how God holds this entire earth together in its complexity. Of people digging into its surface for survival in finding a well and those who are digging to escape from the pursuit of others as Osama did when he hid from authorities a few years ago.

Mysteries are profound in life yet just being able to string together a few random threads is a great pleasure to me and to do it with a computer that will not crash on me is ever so wonderful.

Approximately two weeks ago we had a cricket visit our office and he chimed for a while for about 30 minutes and then he was off and away in a corner of our office limping and obviously in distress. Not emitting any sounds of joy as the crickets are now doing outside my bedroom window. Their conductor is God who is keeping the rhythyms of this earth in perfect order. may the words of this post bless the reader as well.

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