Monday, August 20, 2007

Our Tent of Protection

I have learned lately that life is an adventure. We always have to be ready to adapt to anything and be flexible. We arrived at our bible study location and the host was not home. So instead of climbing through an open window, we started our prayer time in the gargage with fold out lawn chairs and munched on a display of edible fruit. We spent about 20 minutes doing that to encourage each other and to touch base with our lives. It was good to hear from my friend that the 5 evenings that I spent at his house for dinner with his family helped to establish a pattern in his life to be the pastor of his house and to hear of them praying as a family and even asking about the things of God. So I am thankful God for the week that I became a little exhausted hanging out with his family's kids and the kids of our church during our Vacation Bible study program.

I also realized that when God had Noah build the ark before the flood , He did to provide protection from the waters that would rise over the land. this happened because God was upset with how mankind was responding to His authority. This source of protection is carried over even to the tradition of the Jewish religious services of the importance of the Ark and even the importance of the Ark in history in its travels from place to place.

Today, the church is our ark of protection from the evils of our world and society. And ultimately interacting with God;s people in prayer and the study of the Bible is critical to develop a long lasting community and to develop a protection from sin-to make us more like Jesus. Something that we have to do together to gain a source of strength. And we definitely need a sense of humor. To take life on the fly. To pull up a garage door , flip on a light and pull out some lawn chairs and talk to God. Fellowship is not all that complicated. yet that process builds lasting memories and builds the community together. That is why the early church prospered more since it could not rely on a pre-programmed mode of worship since persecution happened at any time and the people at that time had to live by the seat of their pants to stand up for what they believed in!!!!!!
This is the way worship will leave a legacy of lasting memories to share with family and friends for many days to come.

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