Tuesday, September 25, 2007


As I went through my commute this morning, I realized that the world is dominated by boxes from the moment we are born to the minute we die.
In the beginning, for the first 9 months of our pre natal life, we are confined by the womb-like box that nurtures us as an embryo until the embryo becomes a full-fledged newborn.

Then we are surrounded by a crib during the evening and strollers and other enclosed contraptions to keep us in safety.

Then later on in life, we play with building blocks which are in the form of boxes and also some toddlers built cities full of boxes.

Later as adults, we will work within buildings that use boxes to store documents. There is a skill to creating boxes for which we can store documents. And many times, the documents lie there in state never to be used again. Often times, it feels great to place them in a box yet we tend to forget they are there.

We as pedestrians and commuters look at buildings which are box like in structure.

And at the final moment of time. our lifeless body will be placed in a box aka a coffin in a hole in the ground.

And it takes a whole lifetime to unpack the box that we have been given and to make good use of its contents.

John Ortberg, a christian author, uses the analogy of life to that of a game of monopoly where at the end of the game, everything that we have accumulated goes back in the box at the end of the game.

May these words bless the reader.

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