Monday, September 03, 2007

Working At Life

happy Labor Day. Not everyone works out of an office or school or factory. But a comment from a friend struck me the right way in that we all work at Life. We all must make the best of all our opportunities. Of how our hopes and our disappointments can weave each other together so that we may be most effective in what we are doing. It is good to see how a simple comment can encourage me briefly and show that what we all do is work and implies a struggle sometimes and definitely a reason to celebrate the actions of all who are involved.

Life is a magazine; it is a cereal which Mikey likes. It is a game and it is also a good four letter word if one has the right attitude about what comes at us everyday.

A good day to laugh at tortoises indeed crossing the road with their baby tortoises and turkeys going across the road. The adventures of hearing plastic bags "growing in trees" and the need for times to connect with each other over movies we liked or disliked. That is the beauty of friendship and the bonds created from our former group, Real Life, which I still miss. But it is the times to let our hair down and just be ourselves-which was the original model that Pastor Dan of Black Rock had for us almost 8 years ago for us and it still works for this odd bunch of disciples of Jesus today just as it did in the time of Jesus 2,000 years ago.

Jesus had his group of 12 and then he had his group of 3 of Peter and james and John that he had extended time with. That is the value for family and friends. Last week, I realized that when my parents wanted alone time with Abby, their granddaughter and their son, it was okay. I fought it at first. But if Jesus needed some down time to prepare his disciples for the work ahead, then my parents need to have the same opportunity as well. It takes maturity and running around the bases in the game of Life to get a grasp on it as well.

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Anonymous said...

We should get a real life ministry going again. Do you know anyone who may be interesed from the old real life?