Saturday, September 15, 2007

the rain must come and the sun will follow

I thought that today would be bright and sunny. Yet we have a little rain and yet as Annie says, :The sun will come tomorrow. And I am glad that the sun will come morrow because it is our church picnic and our 125th anniversary day of our church.
Sometimes it can be difficult to get up and get going=facing the uncertainty of what will be accomplished. I do the love the result of Neatness but I let fear and procrastination get in the way. If I would only just let myself move forward, I would be able to see some changes and then let others celebrate with me on changes that I implement in my little significant life.

It just popped into my head again that I must be like the phoenix who triumphs and raises out of the ashes. It must arise. I also reflect back to tuesday's 6th anniversary of 09-11 and also our intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan to try to bring about world peace. These accomplishments with our goals seem hard for us to accomplish. Yet somehow trust must enter the pcture that our leaders who I see on the television know what they are doing. Having never met any of them in person.
I feel the same way about God sometimes. Never having directly seen him except through the actions of others, I too must trust what He is doing in my life as well.

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