Saturday, September 29, 2007

Emerging from the Nautilus Shell

This morning, I was surrounded by three gifted mature women who could communicate clearly in a writing workshop at the local arts center that is still forming itself. Maintaining itself despite some controversary surrounding it with politics and stuff.

On the walls, there were images of the virgin Mary and other images that were of a primitive nature. They also hung above from a string of rope . It provided an interaction with another culture as we creatively wrote about ourselves. I was able to tie in several different events from work and life and tie them into the writing prompts which made an interesting collage. Just as the latin American/hispanic artists could do with these quilts hanging on the walls and from the rope.

from various writing prompts this morning, I became a little more able to emerge from my shell and wanted to share with the participants that I love Jesus and let them see a little of him in me. Not knowing if my paths will intersect again with the two of them. It may. But it was a good way to let my feelings for Him to be shown as I handled my bag of nutmeg spice and remembered in scripture that we are to be a living sacrifice offered to Jesus.

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