Sunday, August 05, 2007

911 Rescue

This sunday morning sunday school started off normally with discussion. With a few minutes into the class, the office next door become a hub of activity with one of our parishoners being whisked in and the dialing of 911. She obviously had an emergency and 10 or so gathered around her with medical expertise. It shows how fragile life is and how a little shift in the equilibrium of life can have an effect on our lives.

in short order, the Fairfield Police car pulled up front, then the firetruck and then the ambulance. When I reflected on it, I recognized that the police represent God the Father watching out for us and making sure the path is set for us receiving Jesus through the evangelism efforts. The fire truck representing the son, Jesus,has the needed oxygen and the ability to further clear the obstructions if necessary to save trappped people -whether physcially or those trapped in sins. And the ambulance , representing the Holy spirt, is what allows the continued restoration in comfort while the patient lays on a stretcher waiting for the care at the hospital. All the while, the police car will guide the ambulance in at times clearing the path of oncoming cars.

Definitely a new way to look at the Trinity in our lives. As we reach out to others lives to bring them close to the needed salvation of eternal life. Peace and blessings to those who read this post.

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