Saturday, August 18, 2007

Being fully known and loved

As I occasionally think of heaven and the different types of activities that will take place there compared to those on earth, I am not fully sure exactly what life will be like. We will be entering the 5th dimension of reality. What is not known will be fully known then. The veil will be taken off our eyes. Right now, I need to see everything exactly as it is. I desire to be completely satisfied, but for some reason, I am not. Whenever I puruse that. I am left in a state of longing. Yet in heaven, we will be fully known and loved. Fully accepted for who we are, with our faults covered up by His sacrifice on the cross and with His name inscribed on us. Our faults and frustrations through His grace will have created an oyster within us. It will make us well polished. With His stripes, we will be healed and will be able to enter the curtain in the HOLY OF HOLIES of heaven without fear of dying.

Help us to have this perspective of being fully known and loved. And help me to keep the perspective that I will be satisfied on that day. I just have to endure life's trials to get there on that glorious day!!!!

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