Sunday, August 12, 2007

Let's worship the Lord

I just went to a farewell service for a pastor of the next generation. Kevin grew up in my church and then traveled to several other states-from Cleveland and then back to Fairfield, Ct to serve as a pastor for the next generation. Kevin came from a line of pastors in his family. His grandfather, Gil, was a pastor of our church a long time ago in Bridgeport. This was before we became rooted in Fairfieid. Ånd now Kevin is off to Melbourne, Australia, A place very far away, but over 150 came to say goodbye and to celebrate his work in Fairfield and what he will do overseas down under in Australia.
One of my friends commented that Australia won't know what hit them when he is down there.
Many of the christians that I have interacted over the years were at the service. It was good to see many smiling faces of people I have known briefly but it was a great encouragement to have that affirmation of friendship. And a good way to inform extended family that once worshipped at Trinity of things going on with missions

Ånd it is good to see how God can mold his people of our 2007 Swaziland team. Don's sister and family came to hear him talk on his journey to Africa and how God's goodness extends across the continents. Don Hay focused on Psalm 23 which is often read at funerals but it is also one that can be read in celebration for what God is doing now.

We do have a global God who likes to hear the way different believers worship. I do have a hard time to get into the syncopated beat of the next generation, but if it reaches their hearts, that is great!!!! And to hear how God can move generation to generation is encouraging. How he can take teenagers and young adults to shake up the world. I hope to encourage the next generation somehow, but even if through prayer to bridge the two worlds of America and Australia. Both beginning and ending in an A. The A-team of disciples.

And that is what many of the disciples during Jesus's ministry were=they were young. They were called out of their current occupations into some that would be very unlikely to them. Imagine a fisherman or a tax collector becoming a pastor today just from the call of the master. The call was clairon back then and very hard to ignore. Yet the cost was a high one. to leave one's friends-one's place of familiarity. And the cost was high in that to call oneself one of His meant many times death on a cross or persecution. Imagine Mary the mother of Jesus taking on that tough call to be the Blessed mother as a teenager to take the ridicule and scorn of others. But thanks to the angels, she understood her role and embraced it fully. Thanks for our freedom we don't face those same challenges. Yet we were urged to make His name known and to take a bold stand. Not to be lukewarm but to be followers of Jesus. To take up our cross daily.

One of my friends, Joel, asked how I was doing on the blog. I told him I added some poetry recently. He asked if I was going to publish a book. He said that it could make a big impact even if a few read it. And Dee at church asked how my writer's group at Trinity is going. I said not yet. But God if these two things are going to happen, I trust you with the results. May I just be faithful to accomplish the two of them!!!!!

Ånd this is the 200th post according to my counter. and all without steroids!!!! May there be another 357 to beat Bonds.

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