Saturday, August 18, 2007

To build or not to Build

This morning at breakfast at Andros diner in Fairfield, our men's breakfast group from church got together. Our leader sent out an email to ask us what we would do if we were asked to build a mosque. This question came about since the band, Maeve, that performed at our church relayed a story of how someone they knew did that and the people who were associated with the mosque became christian believers. We didn't have a whole lot of discussion on this. We were trying to get to a consensus on the definition of Allah and how that pertains to our God or not.

Yet a good thing on the topic is it got 10 fellows moving in the morning to have a discussion and to fill up our table of 8 plus a booth for two to boot. When I got there this morning a few minutes late, the table was already almost filled up. What a good sight to see.

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Joel said...

Hey Scott. I have never blogged before so forgive me if I do something wrong.

I personally think that there is nothing wrong with a Christian helping muslims to build a mosque especially if it is a chance to lead by example, share your faith or build relationships. I do think there is something wrong for a Christian to do so if it is for financial or other personal motives. It always comes down to motive.