Saturday, June 24, 2006

Being Invisible

I feel rather invisible at times when not being addressed by my bus operator in the morning. I recall times when I said "happy tuesday" and he would respond back but now I am not paid attention to.

The word root -vis- has many connotations and connections.
Being visible is being in the forefront of the activity of daily life--
trading in the everyday events of the time.
I stand on the sidelines at times and watch. At other times, I get within the flow of time and participate in poetry readings and sharing my faith with others.

Stars in the milky way galaxy of which we are part of are both visible and invisible.
They cast the light to those who may someday travel in space-acting like candles-giving guidance to the ships of tomorrow. They shed light to earth having given it away many light years ago. Yet that light is a vestigal vesper of the past and is shared among us. Just as the sharing of our lives may not have an immediate impact but many person years we will see the impact it has had just as we see the activity of stars many eons ago.
Let your light shine and be visible.

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