Wednesday, June 21, 2006

an Ode to Creation

Oh, I could have carved wooden beams into props and painted them with happy faces.
Oh, I could have etched prayers of hope into others for VBS.

But I'd rather listen to 2 poets in Bridgeport at Rainy Fayes Book store and be encouraged on how I should etch words that are in memory and have yet to be painted before to transform and bless my landscape and the landscape of others.

Oh for being tired and then being recharged by the collection of books around the room on shelves and tables. To leaf through them-sharing the same language as that of the authors and being able to communicate them in my head and aloud with others.
To be Gathered around others listening to the ring and rythymn of words.
In Community

Not that crafting displays for my church's VBS program would not have been helpful but I like to be in safe harbors--seizing on the familiar--and building on a network of others to expand my love of language and literature.

Listening to the language of the hearts of two men and then transforming their streams into a pebble and etching an impression onto its surface. Whether that surface is a notebook or the confines of my head-it does not matter. They march across both and give great joy!!!

So, I let the words welcome me in and allow others, my friends, to use their gifts as well. And we will meet up this Sunday to celebrate their work and to celebrate my love of language--being given to me by Mom and Dad--and to the heritage of what Jesus and His followers mean to me.

So Lord, I will pick up a hammer and a brush soon I hope and cross a DIVIDE not taken in awhile. To exchange words for work--to express the HOPE in a very different way. But that is what faith must be -building our bridges in our own way--reaching out to worlds that we all love and invite in!!!

And for being blessed upon coming home to see a new book on the hymns that I love to sing and the meaning from a Maine author.

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