Saturday, July 01, 2006

Moving out of the Tower of self pity

Lately I have been stuck in a tower of self-pity--of comparing myself to others. Seeing myself as less compared to them and not having as high a regard for myself. I only wish that I could easily escape that spot. But it has been a little difficult to do lately.
I realize that I must recognize the gifts that have been deposited into me by my God who makes it very possible for me to have an abundant life as the writer John promises through the words that Jesus spoke when He ministered for his 3 years.
Upon reflection, a few of the gifts are my ability to communicate the language of speech and writing-given to me by the constant efforts of my mom and dad when I failed to start those skills at the age of 3.
Another gift is the use of dry humor-evident in my Uncle Dick. It is the ability to come up with something somewhat wry that people will not grasp onto immediately or at all but causes me to smile knowing where it came from.

Being established where I am was not by accident. It has been through many years of planning and time spent by my parents looking at the Fairfield Citizen over the years and then finding the ideal spot for me and then working out the details to make it happen.

So it is so important to see beyond ones surface and look at the connections one has in life and to recognize those connections and nurture them and deepen them to rely on them when emotional droughts and self pity occur.

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