Monday, June 12, 2006

The Floors of the Hospital

Have you ever considered the human body stretched out among many floors. That is what the hospital is-an elaborate layout of the body in various floors with each one specializing in a different section of the body. There is the heart wing, the wing for the bones and the wing for the brain and many other ones, too.

Yet each of these wings are connected-not in the exact way that our bodies are structured but in an organized and thought-out way that helps our bodies get the best care they need. And behind each of these floors, are men and women who are specially trained in each area.

In the same way, the church is known a hospital for sinners and not as a shrine for the saints. Some people in our society have thought of the church as a place to honor saints which is important. But no one person has all of life fully put together except the one that we model which is Christ. The church acts as a safe place for people to understand their status in life and how they can receive help and live in a community.

It can be a fun place-the hospital, home for the doctors and patients, when one needs to get repaired so that life can function much better. I had a good experinece when I was a child growing up. I had to be away from my classmates for a month while I had some work done on my ankles. It was during this time that I learned how to play gin rummy with my dad. Laying out cards and facing a fresh deck each time for the 10 minutes it takes to work out the hand in secret is fun; yet at times nerve-wracking--for fear that the hand will end with a gin by dad and then my hand will be full of Kings and Queens and Jacks. But it is satisfying when I get a decent score.

Yes, in life,we are in the recovery room going through stages of treatment as the master physician and sculptor works on our lives.

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Chris said...

Interesting analogy. I like it.