Sunday, June 04, 2006

Oh Sacrament of summer days

Oh sacrament of summer days
Oh the summertime has opened up and been exposed to the words of time.
of words of time that are free from the cares of the world--of schedules and cares of care.
Oh time to frolic in the waves of summer and to the times of warmth beating on the brow.
--of times spent in the park, at the beach, at the country store--eying the glass candy jars and the post card racks.
--of the constant trips over Pratt's Island Bridge-rickety and steady at the same time.
-of times standing on the bridge with fishing pole in hand-tossing the line to the cove and predictably catching the same crab over and over again.
--The Daze from the air-of time in snore and the times to restore. Bagging up on the munchies and sleepies that I so needed from the times in the school world.
--of the birds flying home at night to Gull Rock-passing by Hendricks Head light -cooing the stories of their days=their gloria deo.
--oh the times spent with the fires crackling in the firebox of the hearth and the creaking of the beams overhead.

These are some of the memories of the summers spent on the remote and near island on the coast of Maine.

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