Saturday, June 17, 2006

Faith in the the hat

Friends pop up everywhere. At breakfast this morning at the diner, we had one of our friends show up from Chicago as our guest. We even had a Trumbullite show up. It was a sold-out show for the combined table of 8 seats. No controversaries this morning-just a good touching base of our lives and how our lives have been affected by our faith walks.
As a magician reaches in and pulls out surprises for kids in a hat, our faith as children of God is very similar in that we have the chance to pull our faith from the resources we share in our lives. We can do so predictably and with a good sense of confidence knowing that we have the power given to us from God. It is a mystery to me and others since we can't go to the power aisle and get the unlimited resources that we need but we have to rely on God on a constant basis to get what we need.
The hats that we carry do not have to be very large. They can be as small as a salt shaker. Salt is the essense that preserves our lives and can give flavor to them as well.
So it is good to be ready to share our lives and be surprised what will be pulled from the hat of our lives. We may all be pleasantly surprised.

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