Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Bridge

I like one song a lot which is "The Bridge over Troubled Waters." it is very similar to Jesus's famous saying before He went to be crucified and He knew his disciples would be confused and alone without him present with them. In life, we are going to have some trouble . It is guaranteed. In the Gospels, Jesus says "do not worry about tomorrow since today has enough trouble of its own" We don't have to go looking around the corner for it since there is a very good chance that it will appear.

The bridge that Jesus represents allows us to walk above our troubles and look at them through a different lens and perspective. Many times I forget to walk to that bridge and walk over them. I tend to hunker down with them and get my vision clouded and not look straight ahead at the God who can address them.

May we all have the confidence to look into His face and stand tall when problems lurk and may we build bridges into peoples lives to give them the comfort that they need.

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