Thursday, October 28, 2010

From Here to Tim Buck Two

I have been traveling in all kinds of worlds. One bus to the next. Hopping from one bus corner to the other and walking this or that street. That seems to be a good way to sum up this adventure for the last 18 weeks. At least, I have not faced inches and feet of snow and ice and cold yet.
That will soon be coming around the corner...before too long!! As that song title rings in my mind=a little off key.

The towns of travel and even to Tim Buck Two are interesting. The common aspects of buildings become rather curious and take on a special history. I looked at some historic buildings in my city of Bridgeport and since I was not in a rush, their beauty shined forth. I enjoyed seeing how blended that they were and of a distinct design during the period. How they stood out. I walked through a little park as I saw a tent, wondering what would be there. It was a vegetable and fruit stand of the local growers.
When I was looking at the organic produce, I saw the beauty of the buildings that I did not key in on as much as I have done in the past.

The same lesson can also apply to our losses. Three come to mind in my life. 51 weeks ago, I lost dad and the world seems a little different now to me.

I also lost a couple of pastors that were dear to me as they moved with their families to other assignments.

And I lost the anchor of my job that was always there for me. Even when I knew a cloud surrounded me of uncertainty for the last few years, I kept going to battle doing the very best that I could do.

As I reflect on these losses, I have found it necessary to look intently at the beauty of the door. The brightness of the colors in the autumn trees, the smiles on people's faces and just the need to hang out with different people- to truly understand and treasure the diversity that this life truly offers all of us!!!

Now I just have to keep traveling and criss crossing the roads towards Tim Buck Two, just as Christian and his friends did in Pilgrim's Progress towards the Celestial City=utilizing the character traits that were found in the people and circumstances along life's journeys.

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Global Nomad said...

Great post Scott,

Reminded me of a businessman's advice a few years back. He encouraged me to seek to have at least one Oasis Moment each day he called them. Taking time to admire something beautiful....

You've had a whole bunch of them by the sound of it. Since then I have sought to do just that and also share them with friends in a special email listing.

I find it a very enriching experience.

Keep up the good posts - a fascinating journey....

Kind regards,