Thursday, October 21, 2010

The triple Life

When I became a believer in Jesus, I became three times what I was with the Father , Son and Holy Spirit living within me.
When Christ went to the cross and died for me, he influenced my thinking. The Trinity is a concept of mystery but also that of love everlasting.

And I am very grateful that God spared my cousin on 9-11-01 and he was able to produce a son and daughter through his wife and that also blessed our extended family with this triple life as well.

This inspiration came as I watched the show on the History International Channel of one of the security personnel for Morgan Stanley, Rick Rescorla. Of the bravery of this man to attend to his staff to make sure all but 6 got out alive. It is this dedication of teamwork to the very end that matters.
It is the same teamwork that was in place for my cousin's company in that they all made it out as well.

Just as in our lives, we need to help each other out of the tough binds that we find ourselves in so that we can make our world a better place.

I vow to do that in my life as I reach out to the handicapped and unemployed who surround me. Lord, help me to be like that of Rick who is dedicated and goes beyond what is expected of oneself.

And to not take others for granted. To respect them. To stay in touch in a better way.

Things i need to remember , especially as our world crumbles around us. Needing ways to shore up the world. Or to alleviate the pain for when the world does not stand up as well but collapses.

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