Thursday, October 07, 2010

Crouching beyond the cage

As I was laying down taking a rest, I looked out from my bed and saw my world at a distance almost like that of being in a pen with the cage let down. Wanting to feel safe for the moment and not willing to let go of my surroundings that have become so comfortable for me.

Being in this realm of the unemployed for the 14th week is becoming the norm for me lately. As I have gone from one workshop to the next and as I have tried to figure out where the next desk of mine will be located. Whether deep within a building or high up on the 14th floor with a gorgeous window view or within a maze of cubicles. I have become accustomed to getting in the line at the department of labor and waiting to be served. Periodically, I hear the clerk shout out CT works to the left and department of labor to the right. I then chimed in, :To the left, to the right. which sets into memory a song/chant..
making me feel good.

As I have listened to the many stories of people's lives of what they have been going through at the moment, it provides me with a good perspective of how to portray bravery during those trying moments of their lives.

As I have experienced each era of my life, the environment that I have been in has influenced what I have been going through at the moment.

Just as when last year when my dad left my world, I had a hard time with that since I was close to my father. Even with my work, I felt close to it. It became my norm of how I experienced the world on a daily basis with my reading of the daily news while on the bus, taking the naps at particular times on the way home or just the daily interactions that I had with the passengers and the bus drivers. Yet, I do bring forth and continue the greetings that I exchanged with Paul of the Milford Transit District when I greeted him with Happy Wednesday or Happy Whatever day it was to whomever I come into contact with.

I have often gone into the local McDonalds to order the buck McChicken, 2 apple pies and sweet Iced tea. As I have watched from the vantage point of the restaurant with the hard plastic booths and the tables. Some of which have checker boards that are printed upon them.

As I attended a networking dinner, a friend who is a pastor of a local church, The Bridge, mentioned that he gives hot dogs away during the warmer weather as an outreach. As we were talking, we determined that is not exactly the business model of paying $100 for the dogs and taking $25.00 in from donations. I joked with Pastor Scott Warner of how he should collect a 4% salary from his parishoners. In return, Scott remarked, wow, how do you expect me to live on $1,200. a year.
I am going to have to check out this neighborhood wing ding and add it to reportoire of hot dog experiences that I have had over the years I have heard much lately on this outreach.


Ted said...

Scott, you write really well! I believe you could write a book on your life experiences. In fact, all your posts on this blog could help form the base for such a book. You are very talented in transforming your experiences into words. I felt as if I was sitting next to you in Micky D's just listening to your daily routine.

Many Blessings My Friend,

Amrita said...

I suffered f a lot when I lost my job due to disability.

In India there is nothing for people like us.

I lost my social life and friends, so many things I cared about.

Nice of you to get involved in the hot dog outreach.

How does Pastor Scott manage when his income is so low? Does he get paid by the church?

David said...

Yes, I agree with Ted. It would be such an inspiration to many. Let me know if I can assist in any way should you desire to move in the direction of producing a book.

There is a network of some 150 authors including some publishers with which I am in touch.

Trusting you are doing well.

Kind regards.