Sunday, October 24, 2010

God is our God who enables us to reach the realms of our dreams. To reach the depths of our desires.
He gives us wings to our dreams and prayers.

And he gives us comfort to ease our sorrow and joy to soothe the disappointments of our lives.
Lives that bring friction and are not always pleasant to be around at times.

Yet God also gives us unutterable joy. I had the privilege this weekend to work side-by-side with the corporate sponsorship of People's United Bank as I linked arms and served the Bethel Recovery Center in Bridgeport by putting out a few programs on chairs and opening the pens and the raffle ticket bundles.
And helping decorate the tables with the fall centerpieces of the pumpkins , pine cones, and candles with glass globes sculpted onto a nicely stained plate.

I saw lives that were transformed from abuse to beauty and lives that blended well within the crowded room. It was hard to identify one life from that of the other.
It can be a little easier to identify changed lives when in a butterfly garden for the chrystalis is gone and the butterflies have emerged from the cocoon. I am sure there is the shell casings that are left behind, but from that great glory shines forth.

it is all because of the great selfless love of the founder, Janice, who always gives a good embrace to those who suffer and also brings forth a team of individuals into the core of the room.

The suffering that the world faces is not just confined to the struggles at home of which some of these women have faced. Struggles of which I have no clue to the depth. Yet, I can understand on some level their pain having gone through struggles on the par of growing up in the handicapped world.

Having also seen a former member of our congregation being reduced to the status of being totally dependent on her husband. This woman who created deep melodies on the organ. Now having her life orchestrated by others.

And even in my life, being orchestrated from the love of others, as I have been totally dependent on others at times to bring me from point a to point Z in my job search.

And to have been given a tremendous gift to bless others this weekend as I received four front row seats to the circus with a great view to give a friend and her niece and another friend the chance to see the circus for either the first time or just because they really wanted to see it this year.

So I thank you Lord for giving me a fantastic weekend and giving me a chance to have fun and see life through another 5 year old's eyes.

Yet, Jesus, that is exactly what this faith journey is. To see life through your eyes. Lord, help me to do that as well!!!!
Thank you Lord!!!

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